Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life

"FInding God in all Things"

Ten-Week Format - List of Weeks


Predisposition Weeks – God’s Creative/Personal Love


Week 01        God’s Dream and My Deepest Longings


Week 02        God’s Faithful Love


Week 03        The First Principle and Foundation


Week One – The Mystery of Evil


Week 04        The Presence and Force of Sin in the World


Week 05        The Power of Sin in Human Nature and God’s Forgiving Love


Week Two --          God’s Embrace of the Human Family


Week 06        Call – God’s Way of Being in the World

                             (Kingdom, Incarnation, Hidden Life)


Week 07        Cost of Companionship with Jesus

                             (Two Standards, Three Types of Persons, Choices/Discernment)


Week 08        Compassion of God in Jesus

                             (Beatitudes, Healings, Three Kinds of Humility or Ways of



Week Three – The Passion of Jesus


Week 09        The Passion and Death of Jesus


Week Four – The Resurrection


Week 10        Jesus Comforts, Empowers and Commissions to Service