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Week of Prayer 2 - God's Ongoing Creation

Posted by Thomas David McMurray on October 19, 2020 at 7:50 AM

Week of Prayer 2 - God's Ongoing Creation


List of Resources


Orientations, Volume 2, Part A, Chapter 2, John Veltri, S.J.

"Listening with the Heart"

"Loving Well, Listening Well"

"Listening," Morton T. Kelsey

"I Know You Are Listening to Me When"

"Reflection On Annotation #15"

"Mystery is Endless Knowability," Richard Rohr

"At Home in Mystery," Richard Rohr


Review of Prayer

Questions to reflect on:

When have you not felt listened to?

How did it happen?

How did it make you feel?

How do you need to improve your listening skills?


Respond to any one or two of the following questions. Post your reflections for the other interns to consider and comment on. Comments (that is, replies to a posting, are to be limited to "affirming," "clarifying," or "mirroring" statements. And, as usual, they are to be non-judgmental avoiding any form of debate.
Questions to consider as you review the reading.
1, What were the highlights of the material for me?
2. What touched me or gave me new or nuanced insights?
3. What challenged me in this material?
4. What connects or resonates with my experience of the Spiritual Exercises
5. What was relevant to my formation as a prayer companion or spiritual director?
6. What would you like to take to prayer?









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Reply Cat
5:01 AM on October 24, 2020 
I am overjoyed when I read your comments. Each of you captures part of my heart and experiences. I'm reminded of the universality of human experience and the ever evolving mystery and invitation to intimacy with our loving God. The deep resonances of our responses reminds me of the gift of creative spirit -- as our authors put to page their experiences for us to savor. The necessity for each of us to own our life experiences in order to offer ourselves fully to each other and to God becomes clear. I suspect this will be one of the joys in journeying with our prayer companions -- to have that honored seat next to them, seeing them and loving them as they find their spiritual voice.
Reply Diana Buono
1:18 PM on October 21, 2020 
I am overwhelmed by the material this week which is so richly dense in insight that I found myself continually reflecting every few minutes as I stopped to ponder various insights I was never aware of in the art of listening. I experienced a profound "aha" moment while reading Richard Rohr's reflection on Mystery is Endless Knowability. Earlier in my journal reflections this week I expounded on the myriad of concerns regarding family and friends that have been weighing heavy on my heart. Then Richard Rohr invites me to "fall into the abyss of not knowing" the outcomes of my imminent concerns of the immediate future as I continually seek ways to relieve myself from the tension by quickly resolving them. Rohr is teaching me that by holding the tension and "falling into the abyss of the limitlessness of unknowability" I am feeling myself invited by the Lord to embrace the spiritual freedom from feared results of all the current conscious and subconscious worries/concerns/situations that are draining me. I hear God inviting me to be grounded into the limitless, unknowability and allow myself to be embraced by the richly supportive spaciousness and "gently fall into the hands of the living God." I pray to live inside the mystery of endless knowability that I may once and for all allow my Lord to truly become my foundation of ultimate support where I may be swaddled in the security of His eternal care and unrestricted love.
Reply Kathy OhEigeartaigh
8:22 PM on October 20, 2020 
I really enjoyed the articles by Rohr and Kelsey. The sacredness and mystery of communication really struck me. Speaking and listening move beyond the simple need to exchange information and become a means of creating community and a special bond when people focus on the essentials of life, namely their relationship with God and one another. This type of conversation invokes the Holy Spirit, and truly where two or more are gathered, God is there also. It also brought to mind the sacred gift that is walking alongside a prayer companion on a spiritual journey. For me, Rohrâ??s comment about â??endless knowabilityâ?? captured the essence of this great sacred mystery of sharing oneâ??s heart and faith with another in the presence of God. It feels very Zen, all and nothing. As a listener, itâ??s always tempting to think the other person in the conversation is in the same emotional place that we are. The awareness of this bond is also a good reminder that listening requires a certain spiritual detachment. I easily get drawn into the emotional context of a conversation- I will need to always ask God to give me the words and demeanor that is most helpful to the retreatent.
Reply Carlene
12:27 AM on October 20, 2020 
I really appreciated the reading material this week. As I read through the material about listening, my understanding of what listening truly is was deepened. In the reading, "Listening with the Heart", I found a couple of pieces really resonated with me. "Hearing is the head and listening is the heart" really helped me to physically understand what listening is. I also appreciated "I am often too... distracted to commit to the hard work of listening". I related this to my prayer life in some ways. I feel God often calling me to listen, but I am too distracted, and in some ways fearful, to slow down to listen. That is something that I hope to talk with my spiritual director about. I never really realized this until I read through this material. This, for me, connected with Kelsey's piece, "Listening" when he writes, "Too much chatter can be a form of shyness." I often cover my discomfort or unease with chatter. I pray for the peace within myself to listen with my heart and not try to make everything ok. It is ok to listen and not fix, to simply be present and attentive for another.