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Week of Prayer 7 - The Reality of Sin

Posted by Thomas David McMurray on November 12, 2020 at 5:00 PM

Week of Prayer 7 - The Reality of Sin


Orientations, Volume 2, Part A, Chapter 7, John Veltri, S.J. (Overview of First Week)

"Readiness for Week 1"

"Sin: The Big Picture" - Vinita Hampton Wright

"Sin Breaks a Relationship, Not Just Rules" - Pat Schoelles

"Sin Reflects a State of Life, Not an Act" - Pat Schoelles

"Sin and Salvation," Chapter 5 in Spiritual Freedom by John English, S.J.

"The Triple Colloquy" (see page 95 in The Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O'Brien, S.J.

"The Triple Colloquy:Grace of Conversion," David Paternostro, S.J.

Adaptations for a Gentler First Week; Orientations, Volume 1, First Week Exercises, John Veltri, S.J.


Questions to consider as you review the reading.

1, What were the highlights of the material for me?

2. What touched me or gave me new or nuanced insights?

3. What challenged me in this material?

4. What connects or resonates with my experience of the Spiritual Exercises

5. What was relevant to my formation as a prayer companion or spiritual director?

6. What would you like to take to prayer?


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Reply Kathy OhEigeartaigh
10:45 AM on November 25, 2020 
My experiences echo those of Cat and Carlene. The readings were very thought provoking and as Carlene mentions, brings the concept of sin beyond the laundry list of minor offenses. As Cat mentions, the notion of sin as a violation or offense in a relationship gives us language to use to help us come to grips with this level of reality. For me, it is also about my relationship with my own soul, for lack of a better term. The judgmental attitude I have about myself is far more critical than anything God would have towards me. By undermining and being unable to accept who I am in God’s eyes except through the grace of God, the broken relationship and disorder lies in my own heart. Sometimes I feel like those cartoon characters with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, caught between accepting God’s unconditional love, and staying in the dark, cold, but familiar human condition. I pray many times a day for God’s grace to have the trust and courage to move out of my disordered attitude.
Reply Carlene
9:25 PM on November 24, 2020 
There has been a lot to digest this week! The readings this week were very intense and forced me to look at my life, my relationship with God, with a bit of a magnifying glass. I appreciated looking more deeply at sin in my own life from the perspective not of the "laundry list" of things that I have done and often continue to do that offend God, but from the lens of how my actions impact my relationship with God. In Patricia Schoelles' writing, Sin Reflects the State of Life, I felt challenged by the idea that to understand my sinfulness I have to look more deeply than my surface sins and consider how these sins reflect patterns in my life that need to change. I felt my eyes open when I read this! Often in confession I feel like I am reciting that laundry list of sins and for some time now I have felt that something was missing. I believe that by digging deeper into my own life patterns I may find that missing piece. I will bring to prayer my wondering of how I can more deeply look at my life patterns, asking for God's help in recognizing these negative patterns and the clarity and direction to make changes to alter these patterns. I pray for more depth and insight as I move away from my sinful ways and continue to build a deeper relationship with my loving and merciful God.
Reply Cat
7:09 AM on November 22, 2020 
This week, I am feeling overwhelmed by the content of readings in that the gravity of my sin and our collective sins is convincingly dissected and portioned for me to review. Knowing sin causes the destruction of my relationships with God, others and myself, that it is often indicative of a disorder lifestyle is a truth I need to embrace more deeply. I appreciate being given language to attach to my experiences of sin especially the grace of embarrassment and confusion when faced with my own sin in relation to God’s compelling goodness. I have felt this many times but considered it personal failure rather than grace. My experience of colloquy continues to be nascent. I’ve been praying for the graces of patience and generosity. I can see that both are necessary when stepping beyond one’s comfort zone in prayer. I’m learning how to wait in my own “powerlessness” within God’s glorious silence, waiting for what good the Holy Spirit wishes for me to see and experience, waiting to be lead in confidence that my loving God and Savior is with me.