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Week of Prayer 1 - God's Unconditional Love for Me

Posted by Thomas David McMurray on October 9, 2020 at 2:50 PM

Week of Prayer 1 - God's Unconditional Love for Me

The material for reflection this week revolves around establishing a relationship of safety and trust between the beginning retreatant and prayer companion. It also touches on the attitudes and dispositions that are to be fostered as one begins this adventure in prayer and growing relationship with God. The materials to read are:

• Orientations, Volume 2, Part A, Chapter 1, John Veltri, S.J.

• "The Presupposition of the Spiritual Exercises," The Ignatian Adventure, O'Brien, p 43

• SpEx 75 - Disposition in Prayer


Respond to any one or two of the following questions. Post your reflections for the other interns to consider and comment on. Comments (that is, replies to a posting, are to be limited to "affirming," "clarifying," or "mirroring" statements. And, as usual, they are to be non-judgmental avoiding any form of debate.

Questions to consider as you review the reading.

1, What were the highlights of the material for me?

2. What touched me or gave me new or nuanced insights?

3. What challenged me in this material?

4. What connects or resonates with my experience of the Spiritual Exercises

5. What was relevant to my formation as a prayer companion or spiritual director?

6. What would you like to take to prayer?


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